Frickacking Rabble​-​Rousers

by The Greater Gatsby

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released May 28, 2013

Joshua Grubbs - Vocals
Jeremy Morris - Guitars, Vocals
Michael Hulisz - Bass
Jacob Peters - Drums

Recorded at Malone University by Jacob Peters
Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Peters and Mike Seng



all rights reserved


The Greater Gatsby Canton, Ohio

Greater than Gastby.

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Track Name: Cold Play
I am your contempt, I am 19 years of anger
I wish I could visit the past, keep you a stranger.
There's enough of a war going on inside my head
And with you here, trust me, I'm better off dead

If you quit anything, it was not this
It was only yourself, some say ignorance is bliss.
But not for you, not to this extent
Look me in the eyes, you're an embarrassment.

When all you care about is just yourself
Don't expect sympathy from anyone else
How's it feel to left all alone?
With nothing there but the repercussions of decisions
Womanizing without morals, a drunken delusion
How you're still alive doesn't make any sense.

What will it take for you to wake up?
I speak for all of us enough is enough.
Just shut your mouth, I don't want another excuse
I haven't slept in three weeks because of you.

I refuse to bow down, to you the king of filth
King of cheaters king of liars, king of self.
Preserve your reputation, what you claim you used to be
No one's had to put up with you as long as me.

I see you now, for what you really are
Just a thorn in my side, an undeserved scar.
You'll haunt me, until the day I die
For the memory, of a friend who lied.

And so I'll finally draw the line
You've said sorry too many times
All you are is a disease
You mean nothing to me.
Track Name: The Weekenders
When you find me there, when I've given in.
What can you say? Tell me what will you say then?
Your tears don't mean much, I'm sorry to say.
While you stayed silent, I packed and I've gone away.

I told you before, my head's a scary place.
It's only thoughts of you and me, and all of my shame.
Despite my sincere attempts, although I'm finally free.
You're happily alive, alone, without me at peace.

Nights when I'm alone, I wish you were here with me.
Side by side, together in the sheets.
Not out of lust, but for company.
Because I'd fight for you, like king and country.
Track Name: Infinite
I'm sorry that my hands are a bit too rough
I spend time facedown in the dirt far too much
Then what can be considered a healthy amount
But I just don't care anymore.

How you saw me with my eyes so low I don't know how
With my head up in the stars I never wanted to come down
But your hand on my heart, and your head on my chest
Is enough to keep my feet on the ground.

I found my light, I found my life.
I heard you Sycamore, I found what keeps me warm inside.

With all the chances that I had you though I might've taken one
I've given this life enough, it does not deserve my love.
I'll do my best to keep this promise.
I won't bend the pages, honest.
Track Name: Timeturner
When you get home, can you call and let me know how better off you are without me?
And when you're all alone, will you let me know how far away you are in my dreams?
You are the pain in my chest, you are the thing that makes it hard to breathe and hard to be alive.
So please make up your mind, so I can have some part of me that you can't leave behind. Leave me behind.

I've learned some things about myself
I found the truth
The hardest part, of a broken heart
Is to put myself, in front, in front of you.

I'm losing my mind
An hour at a time
And strange enough
I think I'm alright.